Untitled 2018 (all hope abandon) from Rirkrit Tiravanija

Booth of the Fondation Beyeler

Location: Art Basel Miami Beach - USA
Date: December 2018

Press releases

Fondation Beyeler’s booth A5 at Art Basel Miami Beach


“Did you come here to ask for forgiveness?” – Loosely inspired by Dante’s “Commedia” and the situations and performances that framed the Fondation Beyeler’s Summer Night’s Gala in September, Rirkrit Tiravanija transforms the Beyeler booth at Art Basel Miami Beach into an ambiguous gateway to the heaven or hell of the art fair and into a space for confession, communion, and reflection, envisioning the fair as mass by alluding to the German word “Messe”, which as a homonym means both “fair” and “mass”. “All hope abandon, ye who enter here.”

Hoarding and Spending at Art Basel Miami Beach


The only time I attended Art Basel Miami Beach before this year was in 2015. This is what I wrote then: The sameness affecting acres of ABMB — booths full of derivative works siphoning off the stale fumes of Pop, Conceptualism, Neo-Conceptualism, Neo-Expressionism and even Abstract Expressionism — may reassure clients that what they are buying possesses a properly vetted lineage, but in the end much of it remains formally tedious.

Miami geniet van gouden muur uit Hoeselt


Een wand van 100 m2 helemaal bezetten met bladgoud? Daar moest een Argentijnse kunstenaar die indruk wou maken op een beurs in Miami, voor afzakken naar Hoeselt. Atelier Vanduca, het bedrijf van Eline Moustie en Christophe Van Houtvin, klaarde de klus, die uitgroeide tot één van de topattracties op de vermaarde kunstbeurs.